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IESA Shift is the study association of the MSc Industrial Ecology at Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. Industrial Ecology is an interdisciplinary field that aims at the sustainable co-existence between human society and the environment by combining the natural, technical and social sciences. Shift provides a platform for current, former and future students to get in contact with each other, the academic field of Industrial Ecology and the professional work field in order to get the students acquainted with the field of Industrial Ecology. This is done by organising workshops, lunch lectures and other activities with firms and professionals from various backgrounds, as well as by facilitating excursions to Industrial Ecology related events and symposia throughout Europe. By linking students to the broad world of Industrial Ecology in- and outside of the classroom, Shift seeks to help students in better shaping their study and career paths and to provide companies with enthusiastic and inspired students.

Climate Change


Urban Development

Food Production

Industrial Symbiosis

Sustainable Solutions

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ByShift Board Mar 23, 2016

Website underconstruction

Good evening Shifties, The new Shift Board of 2016 - 2017 is already active since February 2016 and we are in the middle of getting things in

ByJorinde Vernooij Oct 28, 2015

Climate Miles

  On the 3rd of November IESA 'Shift' will walk the Climate Miles! The Climate Miles will be walked from the 1st to the 29th of Novem

ByJorinde Vernooij Oct 28, 2015

Scenario Planning Workshop

Scenarios for Sustainable Business: the Workshop - Monday November 16th - 19:00 @ TPM Interested in creating and mastering future scenario

ByJorinde Vernooij Oct 21, 2015

Call for new board members!

 IESA Shift is looking for new board members! Click on the picture below for more information!

ByJorinde Vernooij Oct 13, 2015

Documentary viewing “Urban Tides” @ the Ceuvel

copyright Metabolic On Friday October 16th, We are invited by Metabolic to the viewing of Urban Tides. Metabolic, a system consulting and cl

ByJorinde Vernooij Sep 18, 2015

Company Case Evides

(Sorry Dutch Only) Dispuut Watermanagement organiseert in samenwerking met drinkwaterbedrijf Evides op 5 Oktober een een company case! Het wo