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IESA Shift is the study association of the MSc Industrial Ecology at Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. Industrial Ecology is an interdisciplinary field that aims at the sustainable co-existence between human society and the environment by combining the natural, technical and social sciences. Shift provides a platform for current, former and future students to get in contact with each other, the academic field of Industrial Ecology and the professional work field in order to get the students acquainted with the field of Industrial Ecology. This is done by organising workshops, lunch lectures and other activities with firms and professionals from various backgrounds, as well as by facilitating excursions to Industrial Ecology related events and symposia throughout Europe. By linking students to the broad world of Industrial Ecology in- and outside of the classroom, Shift seeks to help students in better shaping their study and career paths and to provide companies with enthusiastic and inspired students.

Climate Change


Urban Development

Food Production

Industrial Symbiosis

Sustainable Solutions

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Latest News

ByIESA Shift Sep 10, 2019

The resource problem of the Energy Transition | VVM Café 16 October 2019

Dr. Benjamin Sprecher will discuss the (critical) raw materials that are needed for the energy transition, from an Industrial Ecology perspective

ByIESA Shift May 5, 2019

Carbon capture and storage: what is holding the Netherlands back?

By Ankita Singhvi. In order to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, it is generally agreed that the concentration of CO

Fail Forward Hero | IESA Shift
ByIESA Shift May 5, 2019

Fail Forward Heroes of the Thesis Progress Event

by Martijn van Engelenburg. The evening of the 9th of April. A gathering took place. It was a gathering of recruits. Starting in their journey

Energy for Refugees Anurag Bhambhani (photo Roos van Tongeren)
ByIESA Shift Apr 21, 2019

Life after IE: A conversation with Anurag Bhambhani from ‘Energy for Refugees’

by I.G.P. Photo: Roos van Tongeren. With this issue we want to introduce projects that IE-ers are working on, either after graduation or dur

ByIESA Shift Mar 20, 2019

Last chance!

Deadline is April 6, 2019. We would like to ask your feedback on the Industrialn Ecology programme by filling out the NSE survey. By filling o

officialstart-committees2019 | Shift
ByIESA Shift Mar 11, 2019

Official Start Shift Committees 2019

Interested to join one of Shift's committees? On Thursday March 14 at 17:30 we will tell you everything about them at Bouwpub (first drinks on Sh