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Second edition of DiscoverIE Newsletter released!!!

The latest edition of DiscoverIE has somehow been released during the busiest period of the year for the IE students!

Congratulations to all of the budding authors that are featured this month. And thank you to Shift’s Network Coordinator for managing and organising the writing and publication process with some editorial help from the inimitable Alan!

Click here to download and enjoy 😀

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Survey request for new Shift website design

Through the mighty network of Shift, a connection has been formed with a web-designer from Rotterdam. Jack has kindly offered to redesign our website for free, as part of his degree. We’re hoping to have this new version up by the summer. Jack has designed a survey to help him understand the website requirements. If you could fill it out, it’d be invaluable!

Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C2W2HKD

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

Thank you!


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Upcoming event: IE Beach Day

Beach day THIS SUNDAY!

Weather is looking great 8D Get your sandals, shorts and shades, suntan cream, swimming suits and sexy selves down to Scheveningen Beach.



Upcoming events

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Breaking News: DiscoverIE Issue 1 Released!

The first edition of the spanking new IESA Newsletter ‘DiscoverIE’ has been released!

Head over to the Newsletter section of the website to check it out. Soon the content will be released as separate pieces on the website too so future content-seekers don’t need to download pdfs to find what they’re after. But initially the Shift news team decided to release as a single cohesive document. Looking forward to your feedback and future contributions!


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Lunch-lecture: challenges of the post-fossil city

Lunch-lecture-1Let us know you’re coming on the Facebook page.

Lunch Lecture: Challenges of the post-fossil city

Who? Wytske Versteeg
Where? TU Delft TPM (room to be announced)
When? 1 May
Why? Get educated on experiences from the field (and free lunch)

Wytske Versteeg (1983) graduated cum laude as a political scientist. She works with the Urban Futures Studio (University of Utrecht), as member of the curatorial team for the Post-Fossil City Contest. Next to this, she is a novelist: her work has been translated into five languages.

Thinking of a decarbonized city, we tend to focus on sterile, technological images: a ubiquitous availability of self-driving cars, efficiently controlled by urban dashboards. What we lack is a sense of the everyday spirit of living; the embodied experience of dwelling, working and moving around in the bustling post-fossil cities of the future. In response to this problem, the Urban Futures Studio organized the post-fossil city contest, asking for creative imaginations as to how cities can employ the immense challenge of decarbonization to become places that sustain natural, social, economic, and creative life. We received 250 responses from all over the world, and are currently working with 10 finalists. How can imaginations open up different ‘future worlds’, which we could not conceive with traditional planning and forecast tools? And what constitutes a good imagination of the future?

Want to learn more?
(Dutch) https://decorrespondent.nl/6005/laten-we-de-verbeelding-inzetten-om-de-stad-van-de-toekomst-vorm-te-geven/1994726578075-ea734845
(English) http://postfossil.city/en/call

Want to know more about Wytske? Visit her website: www.wytskeversteeg.nl

[Organized by Shift’s very own inimitable Frederique!]
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Website updated!

Good day fellow Shiftizens and guests,

As you may (or more likely not) have noticed, this website has not been updated in quite a while. Today, a group of six students took it upon themselves to volunteer some of their Saturday afternoon, to remedy this deplorable situation.

It’s still a work in progress, but progress has begun! If there are things you’d like to see on the site or want to get involved in future sessions, let one of the board know. Not sure who that is? Well better head over to the updated board page then! You’ll have to wait just a tiny bit longer for the publication of the hotly anticipated newsletter. And if you want some free marketing, maybe we’ll think about adding your organization to the related groups page!

Onwards and Upwards,

Shift 2017

ByJorinde Vernooij

Scenario Planning Workshop

Scenarios for Sustainable Business: the Workshop – Monday November 16th – 19:00 @ TPM


Interested in creating and mastering future scenarios to make better decisions? Join this workshop to learn about scenario planning method to better master your future and tackle complex problems! In September a diverse group of thirty people followed a three day masterclass in scenarioplanning by Ulrich Goluke. Close to the border with Germany, we spent three days thinking about how to create a sustainable business.  Curious to hear a bit about scenarioplanning, and to try it out yourself in, and learn some about our findings and experiences? Join us for an interactive workshop at TPM Room H! We will present the report of our findings as well! Snacks and drinks will be provided. Please register using the Google Form http://goo.gl/forms/ So4v8zAUQW! There is limited space for max 30people only.

Also see the facebook event.

Monday November 16th 19:00-22:00 TPM Room H For any questions, comments etc. please email info@scenariosforthefuture .com. And see www.scenariosforthefuture.com


ByJorinde Vernooij

Call for new board members!

 IESA Shift is looking for new board members! Click on the picture below for more information!

New Board 2016g

ByJorinde Vernooij

Documentary viewing “Urban Tides” @ the Ceuvel

copyright Metabolic

copyright Metabolic

On Friday October 16th, We are invited by Metabolic to the viewing of Urban Tides. Metabolic, a system consulting and cleantech development firm. They design and implement circular economy and circular agriculture in and around the city of Amsterdam.

Urban Tides is a film about this group of people who felt like they were becoming estranged from their essential needs such as water, light, food and shelter. In early 2012 they saw an opportunity to get back in touch with these needs by remediating the grounds of De Ceuvel and creating an inspiring office park with ambitious sustainability objectives.

– This takes places at the Ceuvel, Metabolic lab in Amsterdam
– This is a free event
– There will be drinks afterwards at the Ceuvel
– It starts at 16:00
– You can go by yourself or be at Leiden Centraal at 14:45
– Max amount of people is 25
– Attend the fbevent if you want to join