Shift Board XIII (2022-2023)

13th Generation Shift Board (From left to right): Li(Treasurer), Michiel(Chair), Maren(Alumni & Career Coordinator), Mikel(Education Coordinator) and Baldur(Secretary)

One of the most important goals for the 13th Board of IESA Shift will be to build a strong IE community. The new board’s goals are: Connect the IE community within the years; Build relationships between students, faculty & alumni;Improve the IE educational experience; More social events involving drinks; Continue collaborations with other organizations; Organize fun events and initiatives; Set up a good new website to make the registration process more organized and clear for new students.

The Industrial Ecology program is meant to develop future environmental professionals, and Shift is here to support students in educational, social, and professional ways.

Educational Goals

To maintain resources for current students such as the elective database and the Shift drive. To connect current IE students with researchers, alumni, and inspiration outside of their classes

Social Goals

To organize and facilitate fun events for Shift members, to promote inclusiveness and diversity, and to ensure everyone has a great experience during their time in the program.

Professional Goals

To connect students with companies and environmental associations, to showcase career paths, and to assist in the development of professional skills.

Meet the board

Michiel Snijders


Michiel will foster a fun, inclusive IESA Shift community. He will represent the Shift Board at events and collaborate with other associations and organizations. 

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As the secretary, Baldur aims to facilitate good communication between Shift and its members, through online communication channels. He keeps a close eye on incoming mail, and maintains collaborations with other partner associations.

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Kangyu manages the finances and memberships for the study association – he gets to welcome all new members and ensure all Shift events get the money they need to be a blast! Besides that, he projects the budget and obsesses over spreadsheets so that the Shift stays financially afloat.

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As the Educational Coordinator, Mikel aims to the access of documents in our archive that are directly linked to the master studies. Also, He wants to boost extracurricular knowledge through workshops and talks to improve student’s experience.

Provide students relevant information in an easy way and in the right moment about the Master to avoid that the high complexity that comes from two different universities and its bureaucracy banishes as much as possible.

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Maren Lehmkühler

Alumni and Career Coordinator

Maren will foment and develop the business and alumni relationships Shift has. She will look for exciting opportunities for collaboration with companies, researchers and IE Alumni. Furthermore, the IE Career Event is an important opportunity that allows fellow IE students to explore, find and get in contact with interesting companies and helps them set a path for their future professional development.

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We are not the first board of IESA Shift, click below to see the previous generations of Shift boards.