Shift Committees

Podcast Committee

(From left to right) We are Lidia . David . Catrin . Maurizia 

The Podcast committee is was started in 2021 and has been really busy in recording and publishing our podcast Not Another Green Podcast! We host interesting guests who are involved in IE and sustainability-related subjects and have them share their knowledge and experiences. Tune in to our podcast on the Spotify button below! Contact us.

Yearbook Committee

(From left to right) We are Catrin . Sandy . Maria . Nina . Matthew

The yearbook committee is dedicated to documenting and celebrating the fun IE and Shift activities that happen throughout the year! We collect interesting photos, experiences and content and publish them in print!

Events Committee

The Events committee focuses on organizing anything and everything to help students bond on a social level. All activities give you the opportunity to have fun, network with other Shift members, learn more about IE and party as much as we are allowed to 😉 Contact us.

Study Trip Committee

The Studytrip committee organises – you guessed it – the Study Trip. Due to the current state of the world we may not be allowed to organise an actual trip, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun! We have a pool of awesome (company) partners and a resit week to fill with activities. Contact us.

Career Committee

The Career committee is for for people who are curious to explore their own career possibilities and to share them through organizing workshops, company visits and anything you can think of which helps your fellow students to prepare them for their career. Contact us.

Newsletter & Website Committee

Our newsletter Committee publishes the regular Newsletters, and helps keep the website up-to-date. We also like to attend as many events as possible, capturing each and every moment. Contact us.