Career Webinar (25 – 27 November)

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So what kind of job perspective will you have after finishing what you start? Starting with the sustainable career webinar 25/27 November we will give you an an idea about the several career options you have after graduating from IE.

During this free(!) three days event you can meet with a lot of interesting companies. On top of that, you can even participate in a lottery!

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On Wednesday, November 25th you can meet:

Rijkswaterstaat 15h

Rijkswaterstaat is part of our government and is ‘working to make the Netherlands safe, secure, attractive and accessible for all’. They do this by focusing on subjects like water, environment and mobility. In this webinar they will focus on their challenges as one of the leading material consumers in making Dutch infrastructure more sustainable .

Although they require their employees to speak Dutch, the webinar will be in English.

Horticulture HortiHeroes, Greenport West-Holland & World Horti Center 16h10

One of the biggest challenges we currently face as society is the question whether we are able to provide sufficient, healthy food for everyone in the near future. Solutions need to consider the increasing pressure on land-use, the environment and biodiversity by human activities. Therefore, only sustainable innovations, in which people work together with their environment, instead of against are possible. How exactly these innovations will look like, is a challenge which the Dutch horticulture sector has accepted. It develops the most advanced greenhouses and greenhouse technology, in which crops , plants and flowers can grow by using minimum amounts of water, fossil energy, chemical fertilizers and pesticide.

–> in the signup this presentation is referred to as Innovatie Ondernemen in Transitie.

SBM Offshore 17h20

SBM Offshore believes the oceans will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations to come. The energy transition is a key element. In this webinar SBM Offshore will focus on the trade-offs between safe, sustainable & affordable

On Thursday, November 26th you can meet:

LBP Sight 15h

This consultancy knows everything about sustainable solutions with regard to the built environment, spaces and environment. You can use their knowledge during the production, realization and use phase of circular building projects. In this webinar they will focus on the true value of LCA and its contribution to a sustainable society. Especially interesting for the people who are currently following the advanced LCA course

Coolrec 16h10

This corporation is all about recycling of electrical appliances, plastics and non-ferro metals. They focus on circular economy, social returns and compliancy, by closing loops, team work and globalizing the market. In this webinar their focus will be on the challenges of plastic recycling. An very relevant topic at the moment regarding the low oil price, making it harder for them to compete with virgin plastics.  

AT Osborne 17h20

The consultancy of AT Osborne focuses on a lot different aspects: from Infrastructure to mobility and from water to legal services. They strive to make the world a better place by practical solutions and connecting. In this webinar they will host a role play in which several stakeholders have to find multiple benefits in transforming a neighbourhood with regards to sustainability.

And on Friday, November 27th you can meet with:

CE Delft 15h

The research and consultancy of CE Delft focuses on helping to build the sustainable world we all strive to live in. Their focus is on energy, transport and resource issues. They help government agencies, NGO’s and industries to create structural change.

KPN 16h10

KPN is major Dutch telecommunications and IT corporation that provides fixed and mobile connections essential for our daily life. Recognized as one of the most sustainable telecom companies in the world, KPN is striving to make their business sustainable at an optimal level via climate neutrality and circular operation. In the webinar, you will be able to learn their efforts in reducing three scopes of emissions and achieving material circularity, and hear practical tips from three MSc students working at KPN’s Energy & Circular Economy Team.

Brighten up your world and everyone’s around you!

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