Documentary viewing “Urban Tides” @ the Ceuvel

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copyright Metabolic

copyright Metabolic

On Friday October 16th, We are invited by Metabolic to the viewing of Urban Tides. Metabolic, a system consulting and cleantech development firm. They design and implement circular economy and circular agriculture in and around the city of Amsterdam.

Urban Tides is a film about this group of people who felt like they were becoming estranged from their essential needs such as water, light, food and shelter. In early 2012 they saw an opportunity to get back in touch with these needs by remediating the grounds of De Ceuvel and creating an inspiring office park with ambitious sustainability objectives.

– This takes places at the Ceuvel, Metabolic lab in Amsterdam
– This is a free event
– There will be drinks afterwards at the Ceuvel
– It starts at 16:00
– You can go by yourself or be at Leiden Centraal at 14:45
– Max amount of people is 25
– Attend the fbevent if you want to join

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