In the course of the Industrial Ecology Master’s, there is a lot of space for elective courses. Being a joint degree, IE students have the opportunity to choose courses at both Leiden University and TU Delft. This allows students to get insights into many different fields or to specialize in a certain field – or to do something in between. 

You want to get an impression of what electives are offered? Check out the word cloud to see just a few of the electives that were offered the previous years!

Elective Orientation Database

The huge number and diversity of electives may make it difficult for IE students to orientate and to find the right way through this Master’s. To support IE students, Shift launched the Elective Orientation Database. Following the principle of inter- and intra-generational support, this database is from students for students. After taking an elective, IE students fill in their experiences and opinions on the course into the excel database. This way, other IE students that are developing their individual study plan are supported in finding the best-suiting electives.

You are curious? Check out the Elective Orientation Database in the Shift Google Drive!