Study Trip Programme 2017

Global overview

The study trip took place from the 4th until the 11th of November, 2018. Ton, our bus driver from “The Avonturier”, took us from the Netherlands to Denmark and via Germany back home.

Day Activity Location
Day 1: Sat. 04 Nov. Drive to group accommodation Leiden – Tinglev, Denmark
Day 2: Sun. 05 Nov. Sports and  preparation activities: bonding Tinglev, Denmark
Day 3: Mon. 06 Nov. Kalundborg Excursion Kalundborg, Denmark
  Drive to Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark
Day 4: Tues. 07 Nov. Visit municipality Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark
  Tour Copenhagen  
  Dinner + helping at food waste club “Folkekokken”  
Day 5: Weds. 08 Nov. Visit Sustainia Copenhagen, Denmark
  Lecture+ workshop Climate KIC (At the Copenhagen University)  
Day 6: Thurs. 09 Nov. Drive to Hamburg Copenhagen – Hamburg
  Visit Energybunker  
Day 7: Fri. 10 Nov. Guided tour Hafencity Hamburg, Germany
  Fun city tour (closing the week)  


Day 1: Saturday 04 November
Today we drive to our first destination in Denmark: Tinglev. This is a small village in the middle of nowhere and this is on purpose!

Day 2: Sunday 05 November
We spent the weekend in a classic school camp- accommodation and had different sports activities and games set up as well as some workshops in which we prepared questions for our visits the coming week. Because students often had to make teams this was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other a little better, which we enjoyed for the rest of the week! We closed Sunday with a special quiz presented by Bertus.

Day 3: Monday 06 November

On Monday we had to pack and leave early in order to arrive on time for our guided tour at Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis. We first had a presentation, then drove around the park while listening to explanation from our Kalundborg contact and also visited a waste water treatment plant at the site. In the afternoon we followed our way to Copenhagen.

Day 4: Tuesday 07 November

We met some representatives of the municipality of Copenhagen who explained about their climate goals and very interesting sustainability policy. Even the Dutch were mind-blown by Copenhagen’s measures stimulating cycling as sustainable transportation! In the afternoon we had the opportunity to explore the city with Eveline as our guide. Later, some of us went to help the people from Kafa X Folkekokken food club to pick up left over food from some local shops. Together we prepared a delicious vegan dinner almost completely made of food that otherwise would have been wasted!

Day 5: Wednesday 08 November

Sustainia is an international sustainability think-tank and consultancy, we visited them in the morning. We were inspired by their presentation and workshop in which we had to work with Sustainable Development Goals. The afternoon was filled with an interesting workshop on sustainable business models by Climate KIC at the University of Copenhagen.

Day 6: Thursday 09 November

We left Copenhagen for Hamburg where we started off with a visit of the ultimate example of reusing vacant buildings: Hamburg’s Energybunker. A relic from WW II which is now being used for renewable energy generation.

Day 7: Friday 10 November

On the last day of our trip we had a guided tour through Hafencity where the course “Urban Environments and Infrastructures” came to life since this is the largest innovative urban development project of Europe. In the afternoon we had a quick look at the Greenpeace headquarters of Hamburg and closed the week with a fun Hamburg(er) tour and dinner.

Day 8: Saturday 11 November
Trip back home: exhausted but satisfied!