IE Students Meet IE Researchers – Edition 2!

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On Friday 24th of September, the Career Committee brought Industrial Ecology students closer to the exciting research done in the sphere of IE with invited speakers from the Institute of Environment. This was the first hybrid event organised by the Career Committee, and there was an incredible turnout, both online and offline.

The event gave the students the opportunity to hear and interact with two presenters:

Mike Slootweg – IE alumnus, PhD researcher at the MultiGreen project in the IE department of CML. His research involves building stock models to evaluate the impact and realization of green roofs in cities.

Glenn Aguilar Hernandez – Postdoc researcher at the IE department of CML. Currently, his research focuses on developing an assessment of the COVID-19 impacts on global supply chains, and on the market analysis, trade and prices of critical raw materials for the EU.

Despite the hybrid format, students engaged candid and insightful conversation with the presenters. The presenters shared their journeys in the field of Industrial Ecology, the ups and downs of their research, even their frustrations in their interactions with people outside their field. Even the 30 minutes for each speaker was not enough to answer the questions posed by our inquisitive students!

The 2nd Edition of IE Students Meet Researchers was a great success, and the Career Committee looks forward to seeing you at the next session!

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