🌱 Reflections and Insights on the “Beyond Growth” Conference 🌍

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A Deep Dive into Degrowth and Sustainability Sciences

We are excited to share the highlights of our recent reflection and discussion event hosted by IESA Shift. We gathered to reflect on the thought-provoking Beyond Growth Conference, exploring its relevance to sustainability sciences. With the participation of the Industrial Ecology programme director Stefano Cucurachi, and researchers Inge Schrijver, and Rutger Hoekstra, the event provided a platform to discuss and connect the concept of degrowth to our fields of study.

During the event, members of the self-organized degrowth learning group moderated the discussion, where participants shared their insights, challenges, and experiences from the conference, explore alternative pathways to sustainability beyond traditional growth models and also reflected on the role of the global south in these discussions.

Pictures from the discussions between researchers and students.

Another important point in the discussion was how to now move towards action, more specifically in our field of #IndustrialEcology.
💫 One first step being taken is to integrate the topic of postgrowth into the educational programme.
🧠Also as IESA Shift and the Degrowth Group we want to bring more events on the topic and educate on the implications for our field.

We extend our gratitude to all participants and look forward to continuing the conversation, shaping a future that prioritizes sustainability, well-being, and harmony with our planet.

Photos by Justus Hinze