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IESA Shift works together with its partners to spread knowledge and opportunities for our members. 

You find more info about our partners and what they do on this page.

EGEN Green Logo

EGEN contributes by supporting its clients in accelerating their sustainable projects within the energy, environment and mobility sector. Whether we help to find a possible grant, the right grant strategy, write an application, calculate a business case or quantify environmental impact, our enthusiastic consultants are ready to share their knowledge and ensure that the project will be a success. With our experience with both national and European projects, we know exactly how we can best assist.

EGEN means “intrinsic” and that is exactly what sets us apart, whether it is energy transition, circular economy or sustainable mobility: our consultants are strongly driven to contribute to a better climate and environment. This intrinsic motivation reveals itself in many ways and is not limited to just work.

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BAM logo

Building a sustainable tomorrow

The art of building is not just about the design and construction. It’s in acknowledging who we are building for. The lives we touch, the communities that are formed. Something to be remembered. Something that is here to stay. Across generations.

Because we know who we are shaping it for. And how it shapes their lives. How they rely on us. On our research, experience and experiments.

Together we set the tone, and look beyond today. By not only building on our earth, but also preserving it. By cherishing her nature and her people.

In such a way that we can say: ‘We have taken the right steps for now and the future.’

Will you start your professional career with us? In addition to a challenging job, we also give you everything you need to continue working on your professional and personal development. Either by taking courses on specific themes or by learning on the job. And when we both feel that you are ready for the next step, there are always possibilities to take on a more senior role. Do you want to learn more about all the benefits of working at BAM? We would love to tell you more!

Talented engineers and consultants with ambition
Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy and top-quality designs for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects. With a staff of more than 1.400 employees, we are part of the top ten Dutch engineering and consultancy firms. We use our high-end expertise to
resolve complex issues and are a committed partner for our clients. Our vision is to offer the very highest level of quality. This means: aiming to be very good at what we do, collaborating with other top experts, and maintaining a culture of entrepreneurship and trust.

Multidisciplinary and fascinating projects
Our multidisciplinary approach to projects is the distinctive feature of the way we work. We serve our clients from seven offices in the Netherlands and thirteen international offices. Our consultancy work includes the entire process from planning, design, engineering, preparation to supervision and project management.

Open for talent and ambition
We attach great importance to our independence and to our corporate culture, which allows all of our employees to excel, utilise their talents to the full and maximise value for clients. Engineers and consultants working at Witteveen+Bos are continuously searching for new challenges, together with young and enthusiastic colleagues in project teams.

Are you interested in working at Witteveen+Bos?
Visit our website where you can find information about our vacancies, internships and thesis possibilities.

Our mission: sustainability on equal footing with finance.

What we do: We take ESG reporting to the next level by simplifying impact tracking through live data connections, automized calculations, and real-time results.

We offer our clients a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that simplifies and automizes corporate ESG accounting and reporting. In doing so, we capture the entire organization and supply chain, calculate impacts according to most authoritative international standards, and enable our clients to take immediate action.

Where we come from: Salacia emerged from the ambition of the founders to truly contribute to a more sustainable world. And leave their children a better world than they found it. They said goodbye to their well-paid job as a consultant: they preferred more action. Doing, instead of thinking.

At Salacia we work with an open heart and mind, and we love delivering. Reciprocity is a sine qua non for Salacia. To the world, to each other, to our clients and partners. All the time.

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AT Osborne Logo

The layout of the living environment makes an important contribution to the well-being of people. Think of unimpeded mobility, a clean and safe environment, suitable housing and good healthcare. AT Osborne contributes to this with sustainable solutions. Our focus is on future-proof infrastructure, a healthy society and a sustainable living environment. Our motto is: “Urban Matters, People Matter”.

What makes us different is that we make connections, between the parties involved and between plans and practice. We are tenacious, because we know from experience that there is a solution for every problem. However far it may seem to look in daily, unruly practice. With our many talents, we are uniquely able to look from different perspectives. With more than 150 specialists, (legal) consultants and (project) managers, we work with our clients to achieve the best result.

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VVM is the network of environmental professionals. Sustainable thinkers and doers meet in our association.

The approximately 1150 members have very diverse backgrounds. From self-employed noise expert to sustainable mobility researcher and from circular economy employee at a commercial company to climate adaptation specialist at the province; at the VVM you meet them all.

Find an internship or job
It is easy to get in touch with other members. Useful if you want to find relevant interviewees for your thesis or are looking for an internship. But also if you want to discuss your career options. The VVM mentor system is particularly suitable for this: dedicated VVM members who offer their time, skills and knowledge to help you with questions about your studies and/or (future) career.

You can get inspired during numerous activities each year. These activities range from a congress on planetary justice to a VVM café on the nature-inclusive design of our wetland landscape and from an excursion to a wind farm to a career event for young professionals.

Active members
It is also possible to become active in one of about 15 working groups called secties around themes such as: climate & energy, biodiversity, soil & land use and water. Here, members discuss the latest developments in their field and organise events on the topic of their (professional) interest. For students and starters, there is the sectie Jong.

Become a member
For 15 euros a year, you can become a member. A digital subscription to magazines Milieu and Landschap (Dutch only) is included. All activities are free for students (except courses). Sign up at:

Want to know more?
Contact Annemieke Vermeulen of VVM by mail: or app: 06 38 00 83 82 or read more on: Dutch – VVM voor studenten or English – VVM for students

As Industrial Ecology is part of CML we are closely related. Their main goal is to be the center of excellence for strategic and quantitative research and education on sustainable use and governance of natural resources and biodiversity. Besides IE, the master programme Governance of Sustainability is also part of CML. Their student association is young, but Shift will partner up where possible with our younger brother.

And many more......

Next to the partners mentioned above, Shift is working together with a number of organizations. Find more info about what they do by clicking on their logos.