Partners of Shift

IESA Shift works together with its partners to spread knowledge and opportunities for our members. You find more info about our partners and what they do on this page.

We are Berenschot. 80 years ago the founder of the consultancy profession and since then part of the absolute top. With our knowledge and expertise in the field of content, context and transition power, we help organizations in the Benelux and internationally. We continuously invest in top talent, innovation and knowledge development.

Berenschot offers an inspiring working environment in which interesting and varied clients and passionate colleagues challenge you to continue to develop. Our agency is full of inspiring and opinionated individuals who all share the same passion: advising public and private organizations. Converting complex issues into workable constructions. Due to our broad field of activity and our broad expertise, clients can call on us for a variety of assignments, such as: change processes, stakeholder management, evaluations, process guidance, policy studies, and vision and strategy development.

The layout of the living environment makes an important contribution to the well-being of people. Think of unimpeded mobility, a clean and safe environment, suitable housing and good healthcare. AT Osborne contributes to this with sustainable solutions. Our focus is on future-proof infrastructure, a healthy society and a sustainable living environment. Our motto is: “Urban Matters, People Matter”.

What makes us different is that we make connections, between the parties involved and between plans and practice. We are tenacious, because we know from experience that there is a solution for every problem. However far it may seem to look in daily, unruly practice. With our many talents, we are uniquely able to look from different perspectives. With more than 150 specialists, (legal) consultants and (project) managers, we work with our clients to achieve the best result.

VVM is the network of environmental professionals. Sustainable thinkers and doers meet in our association.
The approximately 1300 members have very diverse backgrounds. From independent noise expert to researcher of sustainable mobility and from employee in circular economy at a commercial company to specialist in climate adaptation at the province, at the VVM you meet them all.

Find an internship or job
As a member, you can easily search the online member database. Useful if you want to find relevant interviewees for your thesis or are looking for an internship or job.
Active members
It is also possible to become active in one of the 20 sections on themes such as: climate & energy, biodiversity, soil & land use and water. For students and starters there is the section Young.
You can find inspiration at more than 40 activities each year. From climate conference to networking drinks for young professionals.
Becoming a member
All activities are free of charge for students. For 20 euros a year you can become a member if you register with the promotional code: SHIFTVVM. And: the VVM donates your contribution to Shift!

Want to know more?
Contact the VVM ambassador, Joline Frens at or read more on

The Future Mobility Network helps the world on its way to the mobility of the future. The question how we will transport ourselves and our goods in 5, 10 or 20 years are challenges we deal with every day. The Future Mobility Network is the knowledge and consultancy agency in the Netherlands

We do not only consult, but also ensure that our clients’ dreams become reality. The future of mobility is full of opportunities, and these only need to be seized. We are eager to do so! We call ourselves the Ministry of Breakthrough.

As Industrial Ecology is part of CML we are closely related. Their main goal is to be the center of excellence for strategic and quantitative research and education on sustainable use and governance of natural resources and biodiversity. Besides IE, the master programme Governance of Sustainability is also part of CML. Their student association is young, but Shift will partner up where possible with our younger brother.

And many more......

Next to the partners mentioned above, Shift is working together with a number of organizations. Find more info about what they do by clicking on their logos.