Scenario Planning Workshop

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Scenarios for Sustainable Business: the Workshop – Monday November 16th – 19:00 @ TPM


Interested in creating and mastering future scenarios to make better decisions? Join this workshop to learn about scenario planning method to better master your future and tackle complex problems! In September a diverse group of thirty people followed a three day masterclass in scenarioplanning by Ulrich Goluke. Close to the border with Germany, we spent three days thinking about how to create a sustainable business.  Curious to hear a bit about scenarioplanning, and to try it out yourself in, and learn some about our findings and experiences? Join us for an interactive workshop at TPM Room H! We will present the report of our findings as well! Snacks and drinks will be provided. Please register using the Google Form So4v8zAUQW! There is limited space for max 30people only.

Also see the facebook event.

Monday November 16th 19:00-22:00 TPM Room H For any questions, comments etc. please email info@scenariosforthefuture .com. And see


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