Wanted: New Board!

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All good things must come to an end, our board year as well. But, this gives you the opportunity to sign up for the next board! We’re looking for a new board from March 2021 – March 2022!

We’ll have the following positions available:


The Chair makes sure the board is running smoothly, plans ahead for the new year and works with the Events Committee to organize great social events for IE’ers such as the gala! Also, the Chair leads board meetings, makes an agenda and is the representative person during official activities.


The Secretary has the task to manage the communication channels. Communication from Shift should be clear, since this board member is often the first port of call. The Secretary works with the Promo Committee, that takes care of the newsletter, updating the website and promotion of events!


The Treasurer is in charge of Shift’s money. The main responsibilities are to make a financial forecast for the coming year and to keep control of each expense, including the expenses of the committees. Next to that, the Treasurer manages our member database and helps the Study Trip Committee to organize an unforgettable study trip!

Education Coordinator

The Education Co-ordinator is responsible for all education-related topics, contributing to Shift’s goal of motivating and supporting students in their academic life. This position allows for a lot of freedom to realize ideas and the chance to support initiatives that have just started such as the “IE students meet…” event series or our international IE student cooperation. Finally, the Education Coordinator is an honorary member of the EduCom.

Alumni and Career Coordinator

The Business and Alumni Coordinator focuses on everything that comes after studying IE, making use of, extending and strengthening Shift’s rich network of alumni and partnering companies. By taking part in the Career Committee (which organises our annual Career Event) and by sharing or (co-)organising business-related opportunities you help fellow Shifters orient on their professional path while working on yours.

Interested? Send us a message or join our online board interest drink!

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Or email your CV and a short motivation to communication@iesashift.nl by January 18th, 2021

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